Gihana Khan hot MMS leaked

Gihana-Khan-sashin-joshi-mms-leaked1Gihana-Khan-sashin-joshi-mms-leakedGihana Khan and Sachin Joshi were seen making out in one of the clip which is creating wonders these days. Gihana Khan is a Afghani-Spanish starlet from Dubai. This can be considered as some of the publicity stunt that is done to promote yet another B-grade movie.

Remember same sort of stunt was done by Veena Malik and then it was announced that it was a scene from her upcoming movie.This time it feels this is the same thing Gihana Khan is trying to do to promote the movie Mumbai Mirror. In the video Gihana Khan is trying to seduce Sahin Joshi in tinniest of bikini and calling her to the pool.

The video is nothing more than a porn film that’s the reason we won’t be promoting it at all. But guys this is a ridiculous publicity stunt one has to admit.

Author: Aidan Hotchin

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