LEAKED: Katrina Kaif’s private birthday party photos

2475_unseen_katrina_kaif_10 2473_unseen_katrina_kaif_9 2476_unseen_katrina_kaif_12 2570_cover 2637_unseen_katrina_kaif_5 2468_unseen_katrina_kaif_4 2465_unseen_katrina_kaif_2 2640_unseen_katrina_kaif_8 2639_unseen_katrina_kaif_7 2638_unseen_katrina_kaif_6By now it is a well known fact that Katrina Kaif is an extremely private person. But there are times when even Katrina’s privacy is breached. The closely guarded private moments of Kat’s life usually are up and running once in a blue moon.
Here is a look at one of those rare leaks of Katrina’s private life.

Author: Aidan Hotchin

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